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pool &spa

Our wide range of products and services feature pool and spa designs ranging from off-the-shelf standard solutions to custom built swimming pools with unlimited options including custom lighting, waterfalls, spas, custom rock features, islands, swim up bars and many more. 

We are a local and licensed pool Contractor in Mission Viejo, and have been operating in the area for over 8 years.  Our team’s passion & for pool & spa renovation and the obsession to detail allow us to design each pool with the customer’s exact needs in mind. Our ultimate goal is to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere for you & your guests to enjoy, and immerse yourselves in a contemporary and a relaxing setting.

Whether you need a new pool or a spa, a complete pool remodeling job or simply a water feature added, we are here to provide the great service you deserve.  If you are unsure of the exact size or shape that your backyard can accommodate, or if you need to know how much space all the newly added features will take, we’ve got you covered. IYI Remodeling & Construction’s friendly staff will provide you with professional recommendations, prepare 3D-design pool presentations, and provide recommendations for the proper materials. 

Pool Remodeling

kitchen & bathroom

No matter what type of bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling services you are looking for, we are here to design your dream bathroom. We strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and also offer our own financing options and complete installations.


Bathroom or Kitchen renovation process starts with removing old materials and replacing them with new & modern styles to start your day in a place that will love. Our professional team tackles every detail of your project from design to selection of quality products all the way to the installation process.

Kitchen Remodeling


Exterior renovation projects usually stall with a common question: “I’d like to renovate my house, but where do I start & how can I find the right contractor for the job?"


As IYI Remodeling & Construction, our experienced team is here to guide your remodeling projects and consistently exceed your expectations. IYI Remodeling & Construction is your one stop shop for your home improvement, roofing, siding installation, window replacement, patio door, and painting needs. Our goal is to complete all projects quickly and efficiently, using highest quality materials and a professional & courteous staff.


We are a licensed & fully insured, full service remodeling & construction company operating mainly in Mission Viejo and the surrounding area. Regardless of the size of the project -big or small- it is your ultimate right and our ultimate goal to make sure that it’s done right. Feel free to give us call for a free & no hassle in-home estimate, and experience our 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by many customer testimonials.

Exterior Remodeling

landscape & hardscape

An appealing outdoor area is the finishing touch that gives your home a sense of harmony and increase your value of home. The first impression of your home should be visually striking, beautiful and well-designed, but at the same time should be functional and require a low level of maintenance. Well-designed landscapes are living works of art that improve with age as they adapt to their environment.

If you’d like to know “How to landscape your front or back yard”, we will first consider how you will use your space, and which features of your home you want to emphasize through landscaping. As IYI Construction & Remodeling, we provide land use and irrigation services, build custom walkways and seating areas, create water elements and planting choices.

Landscap Remodeling

backyard & deck & patio

How does the deck fit in with your backyard? Can you make a smooth transition from your home onto your deck? These are some of the important points that homeowners should consider for the deck installation projects.


As IYI Construction & Remodeling, we provide full consultation for all your decking and patio projects. From design to material selection to installation, we are here to navigate & discuss all your available options with you.

Experienced designers at IYI Remodeling & Construction will work closely with you to not only achieve your ideal outdoor space, but also show you endless new design possibilities. With a little touch and a professional help, even the smallest outdoor spaces can become amazing!



paint & stucco

Painting is a maintenance task that offers one of the best returns for your home. It is one of the greatest projects you can do to protect the masonry on your home. Our team stands ready to make sure your house stays in its best looking shape.


We provide less staining and moisture content and your house will be fully customized to your color preference.


IYI Remodeling and Construction offers exterior and interior painting, wood repairs, and wrought iron welding & repair services for Orange County homeowners.

Exterior Paint
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