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Kitchen is where we start the day and where we meet with our family and loved ones. The look and feel of a kitchen becomes complete by contributions from many elements such as the walls, flooring and countertops…

Cabinet Colors

In 2019 we cannot count out white kitchen cabinets just yet, but we will see more and more darker tones in cabinet designs. Darker color cabinets have an elegant look and create a luxurious atmosphere. Homeowners are increasingly getting bolder and choosing black and darker shades for their kitchen designs.

Backsplash Wall Coverage

Backsplash tiles always seem to be a part of our kitchens. Backsplashes are now starting to rise to the ceiling. In 2019 people are moving on to larger slabs of tiles, and tiles with various textures or patterns. The color choices are endless here. Decision will depend on the other colors you’ve chosen in your kitchen, and of course your personal taste.

Quartz Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are many choices such as marble, quartz, granite, laminate… But we cannot ignore the rising popularity of Quartz for high-end kitchen countertops. Quartz is a non-porous surface, is anti-microbial, and can resist staining more than other materials. With a wide range of colors, quartz countertops are great for kitchen designs.


Hardwood, tile, bamboo, laminate, and vinyl kitchen flooring are some of the options that are currently out there. But it looks like the hardwood floors will continue to be the popular kitchen flooring design in 2019. Second popular option would be ceramic flooring, and it comes in wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

Smart Kitchens

Smart products can make things safer and more efficient in a kitchen. From remote light controls to smart screen display fridges, a lot of updates are available to take advantage of for the best in kitchen design ideas.

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