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Enjoying a “staycation” in the comfort of your own backyard can be more inviting and relaxing than planning a trip. We have a few backyard ideas to help you to transform your backyard into an elegant and a beneficial outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to modern backyard designs, entertaining and cooking are usually a big focus. With an outdoor kitchen, entertaining family and friends will feel effortless since you can prepare and cook the food right in front of them instead of having to leave them outside.

Installing a traditional outdoor kitchen that comes with a stainless-steel grill would work best for backyard entertaining. Especially during the summer full-service outdoor kitchen designs are one of the most popular backyard ideas.

Pool & Spa

You could turn your backyard into a private vacation spot with an inground pool or spa. A swimming pool would be a great place to spend time where people of all ages could enjoy time together. Also, it is a good investment to increase your property value.

Fire Pits

We all love bringing the inside luxuries outside, and a fire pit can extend the day, season or night. Having a fire pit is a great way to create a cozy and warm outdoor living space. If you have a small backyard, no worries! Tabletop fire pit designs save spaces for small outdoor areas.


A well-designed outdoor space not only enhances a lifestyle, it also adds value to your home. Having a deck in your backyard is a perfect way to extend your indoor living space outdoors. Outdoor decks come with different materials and design. Tropical hardwood decking, cedar wood decking, red wood decking, composite decking are materials you may use to build your own backyard deck.


Adding a pergola to your outdoor area is an elegant way to create a defined space for outdoor enjoyment. You would create a quiet oasis where you can relax, and have backyard barbecues with the right pergola design. Pergolas are available in wood and vinyl styles.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar design is a popular trend in current backyard designs. If you have enough space, an outdoor bar would be a great investment to increase your home value and it would be perfect destination to host your loved ones and your guests outdoors.

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