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The idea of having an in-ground pool at your own backyard is a glamorous one! Poolside is the perfect place spending long afternoons lounging around, hosting weekend parties, and enjoying with your family and loved ones. However, all this splurge requires some easy housekeeping tasks to maintain that nice & inviting look throughout the summer months.

Here are 5 pool maintenance tips to kick your summer season off to a right start:

1- Skimming Skimming the leaves and debris off the water surface is a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. For a swimming pool that’s truly in good condition, skimming should be performed daily.

2- Checking the pool filter Dirty filters lead to dirty pool water. Pool filters play a major role in keeping your pool clean and pristine. Do not forget to create a cleaning schedule for pool filters, while making sure to dedicate the right amount of time for each filter your pool uses.

3- Vacuuming Vacuuming your swimming pool helps ensure a clean and a healthy water environment. Some pool owners opt for an automatic swimming pool cleaner, and some prefer to perform this task manually with basic cleaning equipment.

4- Scrubbing Scrub your swimming pool tiles and walls regularly. Algae, mineral buildup and sunscreen can leave unsightly stains around your pool. You can use a thick-bristled brush to scrub away any buildup.

5- Cleaning the strainer basket Strainer baskets can fill up quickly. Do a quick walkthrough of your baskets and clean out any sticks, leaves and other clutter.

6- Checking the chlorine levels Check your chemical levels daily to ensure your pool water is safe. When your pool has imbalanced chemicals, it looks murky and irritates your skin and eyes. If you don’t maintain it consistenly, your pool becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.

7- Keeping the deck area clean Hose off the walkways around your pool to keep debris and trash from falling into the water. You can help keep your pool deck in shining condition by power washing.

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