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We all want to have a bathroom that reflects our style, but at the same time more functional and comfortable. A right bathroom design and careful planning could help you have own your dream bathroom.

We have some tips for you that could turn your bathroom renovation dream into reality.

1- Make a list Before calling a remodeling company you should make a wish list for your new bathroom to outline what you’d like to change, what you’d like to have in your new bathroom.

2- Floor plans Keeping the new bathroom’s plumbing fixtures close to your existing setup can help you save money on renovation and demolition. On the other hand, in case that the remodeling contractor discovers an outdated wiring or plumbing, there is a big possibility that the professional would suggest that you gut out the old pipes and wires, which will allow the installation of the new ones, in addition to changing the locations.

3- Lighting Lighting is very important for bathroom designs. If you want to make your new bathroom look elegant, well-designed vanity lighting would be a good choice. Also, a combination of LED recessed lights with wall scones beside or over the mirror would be great options.

4- Bathroom ventilation If you would like to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project lasts for years to come, you should be aware of the fact that proper ventilation is also important. Poor bathroom ventilation could contribute to a mildew problem. It could ruin some of the expensive upgrades made in your new bathroom remodel, such as the walls, floors, and even the cabinetry.

5- Timeless, durable flooring One of the most important choices you can make is the type of flooring to be installed. Ceramic, porcelain, stone tiles, all look beautiful and elegant. Also, water-resistant choices make them perfect flooring materials for the bathroom.

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