frequently asked questions

How do I start the remodeling process?

Before you can talk to a contractor, you must first answer the questions like, “What do I want to remodel? What should my priorities be? When I plan to start my remodeling project? What is my budget for my remodeling project? Once you have answered these questions for yourself, you can contact contractors to discuss your remodeling project goals.

When is the best time to remodel my home?

The best time to remodel is, of course, going to change depending on the project you are planning. Home remodeling is performed on a year-round basis with most work, which involves reconfiguration of the interior spaces, not significantly impacted by the weather. But, remodeling projects are often more about planning and less about the weather.

How can I find a reliable remodeling company?

Even for experienced renovators, finding the right contractor can be a challenge. There are few options you can find your contractor:

  1. You can ask your friends or relatives for references. People in your neighborhood who have done similar projects are your best sources. If you know people in the building trades, ask them, too.
  2. You can search online to find your contractors and read online reviews. You want to read the reviews carefully to make sure the contractor is the right person for your job.
  3. You can interview at least three contractors and you can compare their attitude and behaviors.

How long will my home renovation project take?

Renovations can take weeks — and sometimes months. It depends on multiple aspects, including size of renovation projects.

What documents will I need to start the project?

A good documentation is most important to the success of any project. The documents should be clear and have full set of construction’s road map. Also, all documents will be signed before construction begins and all of them combined with your contractor.

Is there any obligation for free-in home estimate?

Some companies like IYI Remodeling & Construction provide a free in-home estimate; you are under absolutely no-obligation to hire us for your construction work.

How can I make sure my remodeling project is finished on time and on budget?

Maintaining quality communication with your contractors is important. It is also important to talk to your contractor about your budget and your timeline. To be honest in all step of your remodeling projects will help keep your project on task.

Will construction companies take care of all the necessary permits and inspections?

Most of remodeling projects need permits to be completed. Usually permits are received at the beginning of the projects and contractors are responsible for that.

Does it need to inform homeowner’s associations or planning commissions about the remodeling projects?

If you want to renovate your house or condo, you’ll likely need to get approval from your homeowner’s association before you start swinging a hammer.

What kind of payment options do I have?

Homeowners always have questions about how much and how to pay a contractor when home renovation work first begins. You can take home equity loan, you can do a cash-our or you can get personal loan. All possibilities are depending on your personal financial situation.

Can I request or change things during the remodel?

You can request changes during all remodeling projects. You can change/modify your order stated on the original contract documents anytime, however keep in mind that this could sometimes directly affect remodeling projects’ costs and/or estimated completion date.

Will my family need to move out of our home during construction?

You do not need to move out of your home for most of project types such as full backyard or front yard remodeling – exterior or interior paint. However, if you are renovating the entire house, you might have to temporarily move out.

Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel?

It depends on the scope of your home renovation project. During the demolition, usually electrical, water or gas may need to be shut down for a few times. If you need new gas pipes, gas would need to be shut down, and it could take a whole day to restore gas service. IYI Remodeling & Construction will always inform you about the process in advance, so that you can plan accordingly.

Will construction companies provide cleaning services after remodeling projects?

An extensive cleaning usually is not part of your contractor’s job, unless you write it into your contract. IYI Remodeling & Construction mostly provides post-construction cleaning after major remodeling projects.

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